Technopolis introduced new tools for innovation


Yesterday, the first CODE on Meetup: 3D printing – Innovation Tool of this year was realized in Tehnopolis, which caused a great deal of community attention. Numerous businessmen, entrepreneurs, students and startups had the opportunity to learn from Svetozar Kolesar, the founder of the 3D Republic from Belgrade, a serial entrepreneur educated in the field of software engineering.

In the great atmosphere of CODE Hub, Svetozar presented the currently most popular 3D printing techniques, but also how the parts printed on 3D printers are used today in the automotive and aviation industry, where they are slowly but surely becoming a huge source of not only innovation but also savings. Many areas have recognized the potential of this type of printing, so it is increasingly used in medicine, the fashion industry, education. The latest generation devices that exist in the TECH Lab IEC Tehnopolis were also presented, while those present had the opportunity to visit the laboratory, get acquainted with the process of prototyping and see the models printed on our 3D printers.

In order to improve support for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, innovators and startups, a modern laboratory for industrial design TECH Lab Tehnopolis was opened in August 2020. It was created to be a generator of new product development and improvement of the existing ones, support to the metal industry and connections between the scientific community and the industrial sector, with an emphasis on small and medium enterprises and startups. TECH Lab is also designed as a station for higher education and a place where graduates or high school students, by attending educational trainings and practical work with different technologies, will gain knowledge and skills that will give them more chances, experience and confidence that will make them more competitive in the labour market of Montenegro.

Today, TECH Lab Tehnopolis can provide interesting services in the field of 3D technology, which includes:




Shortly, TechLab will include 3D metal printing, CNC milling machines and CNC lathes in its offer of services, which will open the possibility of making objects from metal, wood, plastic and other composite materials.

Aware of the importance of modern technologies in creating an innovation ecosystem, we will soon open another laboratory at IEC Tehnopolis – FabLab, which will be an additional segment of the TECH lab Tehnopolis, which will provide full non-commercial support to companies, students and young people with innovative business ideas to develop those ideas. The laboratory will be opened as part of the 2CODE project, within which CODE on Meet up was organized. The project is co-financed through ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union, within the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro, for the financial period 2014-2020.

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