A Capitalization seminar for MSMEs was held at IEC Tehnopolis as part of the BRE PLUS project


Today, in the premises of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis, a Capitalization seminar for MSMEs was organized as part of the BRE PLUS project, which represents the capitalization of the achieved results of the previously implemented BRE project.

The BRE project aimed to create a joint business register between three countries (Italy, Albania and Montenegro) in order to increase and encourage cooperation between companies in the cross-border area. Through the capitalization phase, the project partners will try to use the created BRE Platform, which is designed for company registration, to strengthen cross-border cooperation and competitiveness among MSMEs, as well as to improve the framework conditions for their development in Europe.

The seminar was opened by Djordjije Malovic, executive director of IEC Tehnopolis, who welcomed the participants and expressed satisfaction with the presence of a large number of entrepreneurs of various profiles, which further indicates the importance of this project: “Being a partner in a project like this is extremely important for us, and we hope that its implementation will further influence the cross-border cooperation of micro, small and medium enterprises in the region. I use the opportunity to invite all entrepreneurs to register on the BRE platform, which is the first business register of companies from Italy, Albania and Montenegro”.

Milena Zizic, State Secretary of the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro, thanked for the invitation and the opportunity to speak, especially since IEC Tehnopolis represents one of the most active users of the IPA cross-border cooperation program. “Cross-border cooperation programs, which are co-financed by the EU, offer numerous opportunities for strengthening the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Through the BRE project, a business register was created that will enable subjects from Italy, Albania and Montenegro to build capacities, optimize operations, improve cooperation and introduce new products and services. Within the IPA II program framework, 81 million euros will be allocated for the new cross-border cooperation program between Italy, Albania and Montenegro over the next 7 years, in order to make the Southern Adriatic region smarter, greener, more connected and advanced, and to have better management”.

In the introductory part of the seminar, Aris Tasho, director of the Department for Projects and External Affairs of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, addressed the audience, who, on behalf of the leading partner in the project, emphasized the significant role of IEC Tehnopolis during the implementation of the BRE project, and believes that the results are an indicator of better cooperation of companies in the region, which will be pointed out in the period ahead of us.

In front of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Nada Rakocevic, secretary of the Board of the Association for Information and Communication Technologies, welcomed the attendees and pointed out that: “The first phase of the project, through which the BRE platform was created, was a good foundation, which, I believe, will further contribute to better cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy, Albania and Montenegro in the second phase ahead of us”.

The seminar was attended by project partners and experts who, through a series of presentations, contributed to a better understanding of the BRE Platform, and recognition of its importance in order to further develop the business community in Montenegro and connect MSMEs with the international market.

On this occasion, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce presented the database of all companies in Montenegro, which was created through the BRE project. In order to further support the process of digital transformation, the “My eChamber” platform was created, which, in addition to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the institution itself within internal processes, through the savings of various resources (human, time, financial…) will have a strong multiplier effect on the business operations of subjects, through a series of services that will save their resources, improving the level of digital literacy of employees in the economy.

In addition to the above, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism and the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro in order to strengthen the business community in Montenegro. Additionally, representatives of ICT Cortex, the Union of Employers and the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism presented the support they provide to companies in strategic positioning both at the regional and global level, all with the aim of internationalization and strengthening the export potential of MSMEs. On this occasion, they pointed out the importance of cross-border market cooperation and pointed out the opportunities offered to them by the mentioned process of internationalization, using examples of good business practices of small and medium-sized enterprises both in the region and in our country.

In addition, the participants were presented with the business support that IEC Tehnopolis provides to MSMEs, as well as all infrastructure segments of IEC Tehnopolis, which are important for the further development of the business community.

At the very end, Nada Rakocevic, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, introduced the participants to the process of digitalization and internationalization of the Montenegrin economy, as well as the current state of our economy.

The project is financed by the European Union as part of the INTERREG IPA cross-border cooperation program Italy – Albania – Montenegro 2014 – 2020.

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