About us

About IEC Tehnopolis

Innovation and entrepreneurship center Tehnopolis is the most important center for the development of innovative and startup companies and entrepreneurship in Montenegro. It was founded by the Government of Montenegro as one of the key actors in the creation and transformation of the Montenegrin innovation ecosystem. Since September 17, 2016, when it officially started operating in the new building in the center of Niksic, in a new central location in Niksic, IEC Tehnopolis has been actively providing a range of infrastructural and other support measures. These initiatives are specifically designed to facilitate the establishment of new companies and foster the development of businesses grounded in innovative ideas and technologies.

Our vision

IEC Tehnopolis stands as a globally recognized and reputable hub for innovative endeavors in Montenegro. Our center is actively engaged in fostering innovative entrepreneurship, modernizing and enhancing economic competitiveness, generating new knowledge, and promoting the development and application of product and process innovations. We are dedicated to embracing innovative technologies, introducing novel business models, and advancing the necessary capacities and infrastructure to support these multifaceted activities.

Our mission

We are committed to enhancing the national innovation and entrepreneurship system in Montenegro through the implementation of a comprehensive set of activities. These initiatives aim to cultivate and enhance innovation capacities and infrastructure, aligning with the broader goals of fostering sustainable economic development across Montenegro.

Our team

Our team comprises dedicated experts from diverse fields, collaboratively and successfully tackling challenges, and crafting unique solutions on the path to innovation. Through knowledge, expertise, skills, and passion, we cultivate a dynamic environment, delivering professional services and outstanding results.

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Djordjije Malovic
Executive director
Vanja Zoric - Sundic
Assistant executive director
Radoman Lalovic
Business secretary
Miljana Pekovic
Coordinator for entrepreneurship development and project management
Djordjije Brkuljan
Coordinator for program activities, research and development
Jelena Popivoda
Manager for communication and community development
Jasna Vucic
Finance manager
Jelka Cvorovic
Marketing manager
Milijana Aleksic
Manager of the biotechnology laboratory
Tihomir Cuzovic
Manager of the laboratory for industrial design
Milena Musovic
Manager for program activities
Zeljko Lucic
Business incubator manager
Andjela Nikcevic
Project activities manager
Drazen Vujisic
Associate marketing manager
Bozidar Colakovic
Associate project activities manager
Slavica Milic
Associate for chemical examination
Boban Backovic
Lab technician
Dusanka Colakovic
Associate for design and protoyping
Veselin Radunovic
General affairs associate
Milos Radojevic
Machine operator