Ambassadors of 25 countries got acquainted with tourism potential of Niksic


Agritourism Cluster Niksic in cooperation with IEC Tehnopolis and through the project for support on cluster development organised a two-day travelling workshop for the representatives of diplomatic corps, ministries, local government and the media on September 18-19.

On the first day of workshop, September 18, the first year results of Tehnopolis were presented, as well as results and products of Agritourism Cluster.

After the presentation, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the ministries visited a ceremony in Niksic theatre on the ocassion of the Day of Niksic Municipality.

After the ceremony, they went to Zupa in order to get acquainted with the agritourism potential of Niksic. They visited “Montegoat”, farm of Cipranic family, where they had a chance to learn more about the processing of goat milk, as well as to try out their products.

In the continuation of the workshop through Zupa, students of the “Dusan Bojovic” school organized a special cultural program for ambassadors. Also, the president of NGO “Morakovo” and a member of the agritourism cluster “Zupa”, Marina Kovacevic presented the work of this cluster. Apart from the working part, the participants enjoyed the natural beauties of Zupa. They had an opportunity to see how the locals are concerned with agritourism and agriculture in general, about the area they are in and its potential for development.

On the second day, ambassadors visited members of the Agritourism Cluster Niksic, which was created at the initiative of Djordje Bulajic. The main goal of forming this cluster was the valorization of tourist resources of Niksic municipality through the provision of services in rural tourism.

The day started with a visit to the family farm Miljanic in Podbozur. After greeting the owner of the farm, Radivoje Miljanic, the ambassadors and representatives of the ministries got acquainted with his activity, as well as the products of goat milk: hard and soft cheese, yoghurt, dried meat, whey. Organic goat cheese from this farm received a gold medal at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair.

After “Miljanic” farm, the participants visited the Ethno House Djedovina, where Djordje Bulajic, the owner of the farm, informed them about the types of vegetables that they produce according to organic principles, as well as distribution of them. After visiting the property and lunch, the director of IEC Tehnopolis talked about the genesis of cluster creation, the support provided by Tehnopolis and the activities carried out through the public call of the Cluster Development Program. These are the following activities: design and production of promotional materials, web site development, 3 trainings in the field of marketing, production of wooden signboards at the entrances in the municipality, promotion of clusters at music festivals held in August in Niksic. The travelling workshop was also one of the activities.

The two-day workshop was completed by visiting the Dabovic winery in Nudo. Visiting vineyards, wine tasting hall and, finally, wine tasting were an integral part of this visit. Acim Dabovic, owner of the winery, spoke about the production, yields and different periods, the way of cultivating vineyards.


According to the ambassadors, Montenegro, as an oasis of peace, is the country to invest in. The revival of the tradition in a special way, as well as the quality of products, they emphasize, are the reasons for the development of cooperation between countries in the future, and the positive impressions they have taken will contribute to the better image of Niksic municipality and placement of agritourism on a higher level.

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