Available base with over 50 Tehnopolis associates – national, regional and European experts


Five years of work with numerous partners and experts from various fields of activity have yielded results that IEC Tehnopolis is extremely proud of.

More than 70 workshops and training were organized, over 800 events and more than 10 projects were implemented, and the implementation of 17 projects is in progress. During this period, Tehnopolis continuously expanded its network of partners and thus generated a large amount of knowledge in one place, so as the result we have over 150 partners in 29 countries, with whom we exchange knowledge, examples of good business practice but also organize events, implement projects and other different types of activities.

Through all these activities, IEC Tehnopolis had the opportunity to cooperate with a large number of experts in the field of information technology, agriculture, marketing and communications, finance, artificial intelligence, design and printing, business idea development, and others.

Satisfied with the cooperation with numerous partners, IEC Tehnopolis decided to publish on its website a list of over 50 external experts who, together with us, made us proud of what we have achieved today.

In this way, we want to present the experts, but also create the preconditions for faster and easier networking, both with stakeholders and between the experts themselves to build and improve the community together.

On the Tehnopolis website, you can find their short biographies, areas of activity, contact information, but also impressions of the current cooperation with IEC Tehnopolis. We are sure that in this way we will help the development and improvement of the work of individuals, students, business organizations, companies, and many others.

To see the list of experts click on the link.

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