Business Caravan in Niksic: Include the business people in major development projects


Small metalworkers from Niksic should be more present when implementing major priority development projects, such as the highway and infrastructure related to the submarine cable between Montenegro and Italy – this was concluded at a meeting held today in Niksic within the Business Caravan.

After meeting with business people, Minister Dragica Sekulic said that the businessmen in Niksic presented some other problems than those from other municipalities, given the fact that the industry remains the most visible in this city.

“Today we had the opportunity to hear that our economy has a big problem with a lack of workers, regardless of the fact that we have a large number of unemployed people at the Employment Bureau, but that in reality a small number of them are responding to calls from our economy for open job positions. We also discussed some concrete activities in the coming period that would follow as a result of Business Caravan, which is the promotion of Montenegrin products in our stores”, said Minister Sekulic.

As she added, businessmen from Niksic suggested to the Ministry of Economy to open as many business zones as possible in the future, so that business people, especially those gathered in one area, could use all the benefits that the business zone allows.

“We are often asked to liberate labor imports and the opening of the labor market outside of Montenegro. Also, as a concrete problem, businessmen listed the amount of taxes and contributions they pay and they asked the Ministry of Economy to forward the issue to the relevant ministry when making decisions on the amount of taxes and contributions”, Minister Sekulic said.

Vice President of Niksic Municipality, Dragan Perovic said that small and medium-sized enterprises and all businessmen who want to start or improve their production will have an excellent partner in local self-government.

“The administrative barriers that we have so far will surely be reduced to the lowest possible level. We expect businessmen to provide concrete programs and projects so that they can be competitive on the Montenegrin market and beyond”, Perovic said, adding that today’s meeting was extremely useful, and that the effects of such activities will be positive for all businessmen in the near future.

The Ministry of Economy, with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), launched the Business Caravan – a caravan of good businesses, to visit all the municipalities in Montenegro and that in direct communication to businessmen talk about all the business support programs that the Ministry of Economy conducts. In addition to Niksic, so far the Business Caravan visited Bijelo Polje, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolasin, Pljevlja, Savnik, Zabljak, Cetinje and Danilovgrad.

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