CODE on MeetUp: Freelancing and coworking: perspectives and benefits


At the new edition of CODE on MeetUp on the topic “Freelancing and Coworking: perspectives and benefits”, we hosted Bojana Perović, Specialist in Business Psychology and Management and founder of the agency “Minuta do posla”. The beginning of her career is connected to the Tehnopolis coworking space, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with other freelancers and later gather a team of people who strive together to make job hunting in the digital world easier and fun.

Fear of new challenges such as choosing clients, facing strong competition, as well as defining goals are considered the biggest obstacles in freelancing in today’s world.

In 2020, marked by the epidemic of the COVID 19 virus, freelancing experienced an expansion because employers primarily had to hire remote workers. Working from home has brought with it new challenges, and one of them is certainly time management. This detail is considered crucial for the emergence of the coworking space concept as a solution to the mentioned obstacles. Since working from home or in an informal environment is often distracting, working in a coworking space enables the necessary concentration, strengthens work habits and encourages progress in work. Not only a pleasant place to work, but also an association for greater creativity, motivation for work and expansion of the network of contacts. One of the consequences of working in a coworking space, as Bojana states, is the formation of a team made up of young people of different profiles, who are thus available in one place and are often hired by employers not only in the country they come from, but all over the world.

One of the most important instruments that can influence the choice of the right career in freelancing, as Bojana advises, is knowing the structure of the NBI (Neethling Brain Instruments), which is a simple questionnaire based on scientific facts that very easily, quickly and effectively reveals how our brain works , which hemisphere we use more (and what it actually means) and why some careers (or people) suit us and others don’t.

At the very end of another successful edition of CODE on MeetUp, Bojana used her rich experience to convey to the attendees advices that, in her opinion, are crucial in the world of freelancing. It is very important that everyone who embarks on the waters of freelancing should be aware that they are “small” in the market and that in that case they must be ready to adapt to new challenges, and that they must reorient themselves if necessary. They need to be aware never to walk this path alone because working in a team is significantly more productive and brings better results. At last, but not least, it is necessary to always think critically, because that brings way new, innovative that can easily solve the problems that freelancers face in the development of their careers.

The event was organized through the Cross Border Coworking Cooperation project financed by the Western Balkans Fund.

The Western Balkans Fund Regional Grant Scheme is co-financed by the European Union through the IPA – Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

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