EIT Pre-Jumpstarter program 2022 this year again in Montenegro


Last week, the EIT Pre-Jumpstarter workshop was held at IEC Tehnopolis, bringing together over 30 innovators, students and entrepreneurs from all over Montenegro who had the opportunity to learn more about the thematic areas, criteria and application conditions for the EIT Pre-Jumpstarter program 2022 as well as to work on the concrete preparation of their applications for this year’s edition of the program in a special interactive part of the workshop. 

The EIT Pre-Jumpstarter program is a leading, inter-industry pre-acceleration program of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) that aims to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, linking innovative solutions to industrial demand. Since 2017, over 550 startup teams have passed through the EIT program, and in 2019, the EIT Jumpstarter received the Best Association Award with a training initiative awarded by the European Association Awards. 

IEC Tehnopolis is proud of the fact that it is a strategic partner in this program again, and that this year it provided the opportunity for innovators, students and entrepreneurs from Montenegro to develop their innovative ideas side by side with ideas from Europe with the support of one of the most important and the highest quality European pre-acceleration programs. 

In the first part of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to follow a presentation on basic information about the program, participation criteria including seven thematic areas covered by the program, criteria for evaluating the innovation of ideas in these seven areas, development of innovative ideas through the program, team development and guidelines for applications preparing. Also, the most successful participants of the previous edition of the EIT Pre-Jumpstarter program from Montenegro shared their experiences and gave advice on how to properly prepare their applications. 

After the presentation, the participants of the workshop presented their ideas through interactive socializing with mentors and other participants and worked together on the preparation of applications for EIT Jumpstarter, with guidelines for filling out the application form and simulating the application process. 

Applications for the program are open until April 10th and are done exclusively by filling out the form at the following link: https://apply.eitjumpstarter.eu/ 

Selected teams will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through training, work with international mentors to develop key segments of their innovative ideas, network with other participants from the EIT community, to identify resources and support programs offered by this community at different stagesm, and to compete for valuable prizes awarded by the program to the most successful ones in the amount of 10,000 / 7,000 / 5,000 EUR for the first three places in each of the five categories for which prizes are awarded. 

The results of the process of selection of received applications will be published no later than May 4th, 2022, when 210 teams from Europe will be selected to participate in the first phase of the program. 

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