Failures are an integral part of success stories – ordered at the first Fuckup Nights Niksic


What mistakes happen when you start your first startup and what you have to face when you step out of your comfort zone are just some of the things that we have heard last night at the first Fuckup Nights Niksic.

Blazo Crvenica and Bojan Tesic (Uhura Solutions), as well as Darko Ivanovic (The Badger), shared with the participants the vast experience they have had during the many years of fighting for a place in the global market.

There was no lack of advice while the stories about mistakes and lessons of our guests were told, so we could hear more about the startup Budo Finder and the Find the Hour, which Blazo and Bojan used to work on. After the initial investment, Budo Finder failed to get enough financial resources for further development, and for the startup Find the Hour, they realized in time that they could not monetize their idea. They say that the bad business model and the fact that they skipped the step of validating the idea were disastrous for their businesses.

Although both startups eventually failed, the knowledge they gained working on them became the foundation for the Uhura Solutions startup. They especially emphasize the connection and trust that was formed among the team members and gave them the courage to try again.

What our guests agreed on is that although perseverance is very important, it is important to know when to give up and focus your time and resources on a project that has a better perspective.

Darko Ivanovic also showed us that success does not come overnight, stating that the first mistake of his startup The Badger was the wrong purpose of the product. Namely, in the beginning, they imagined it as a virtual badge, but after a while, they found a completely different niche for their product. Bad luck and challenges followed, but perseverance and perseverance paid off and The Badger is a startup that has great success behind it, and Darko himself can boast of an enviable experience in the startup world, not only as a successful startup but also as an international startup mentor.

Last night there was no lack of laughter and good energy because the event gathered a large number of participants – entrepreneurs, startups, and young people who have ideas with which they want to start a business and who took the opportunity to ask our guests for recommendations and advice. There were questions, ideas, and suggestions, as well as witty examples by which Blazo, Bojan, and Darko showed that the path to success is steep and full of challenges and that failure is an integral part of this journey.

They especially emphasized their readiness to help young entrepreneurs and startups who need support and the great importance that Tehnopolis has in connecting and building the startup community of our country. As they state, they hope that soon, at higher institutional levels, better conditions will be created for the development of startup ecosystems in Montenegro.

In the end, our guests stated that you learn best from experience when you step out of your comfort zone and argue that you should not run away from failure, because if you learn something from it then it is not a defeat – but a valuable lesson.

The event was organized within the 2CODE project, which is co-financed by the ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.

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