First Boem fest started


Today and tomorrow, Niksic will be in the spirit of bohemia and those times when it was known as a city of bohemians.

As a symbol of that bohemian life in Niksic, hotel Onogost was chosen as starting point for a festival that will promote the cultural tourism image of our city.

“We have made efforts to launch a festival that will celebrate all those who built this city, who, with their valuable activities and creativity, from poetry, literature, music, fine arts, film, put themselves in an aura that stands above Niksic. What is remembered and not forgotten is the spirit that Niksic had, which was created exactly by the work and life of our valuable artists, our legends”, said Ratko Batakovic, executive director of Tehnopolis, at the opening of the Boem Fest today.

This year’s Boem Fest is dedicated to twenty artists – Vito Nikolic, Dragan Radulovic, Milan Dugo Krivokapic, Drago Malovic, Veljko Mandic, Vukman Otasevic, Zivko Nikolic, Mirko Kovac, Dusan Jeknic, Miki Vukicevic, Mirko Banjevic, Petar Banicevic, Stevo Matovic, Vladimir Mijukovic , Vladimir Popovic, Zarko Vojicic, Lazar Tripkovic, Drago Kovacevic, Zoran Kopitovic and Rodoljub Rodja Raicevic.

The festival was created in partnership with local government and Public Institution Zahumlje.

“There is one bright spot on the map of Balkans, and that is Zahumlje. Through this spot, paths of all those that we celebrate today were linked”, explains Batakovic.

Sonja Nikcevic, Vice President of Niksic Municipality for Culture and Tourism, expressed the satisfaction that Niksic gets another valuable event.

“This is a new cultural and touristic event and I hope it will grow stronger day by day in the years to come. It’s all about preserving the good spirit of those who have woken themselves in the spirit of Niksic, that we do not forget them, to remember them and to empower them through such gatherings”, Nikcevic pointed out.

Today, after opening with the National Orchestra and Choir, and the Tamburitza Orchestra from Pljevlja, the festival continues with the exhibition of graphics by Mirko Toljic at “Oktoberfest”, where Dusan Mandic Sejn and stand up comedian Andrija Dabanovic will perform at 20:30. Not far from them, in “Floyd” Simo Trebjesanin and friends will have a poetic musical evening called “The Night of the Magical Soul”. Orchestra “Taslidza” from Pljevlja will perform at “Onogost” at 6 pm, while in “Blues brothers” bar at Sreten Mitrovic will organize a poetic evening with guests starting at 7 pm.

The next day, October 30th, “Taslidza” from Pljevlja will perform in Onogost again. In Oktoberfest a film from Underhill festival, “Freedom Day”, will be screened and in the evening women’s poetry with the sounds of guitars. An exhibition of young artists from Niksic will take place in Floyd, and in the Blues brothers bar evening of aphorisms, poetry and film dedicated to Milan Dugo Krivokapić will be organized.

This two-day event will be completed with a concert by the orchestra and choir “Zahumlje”, which will be held in the hall of this institution.

Source: Onogost

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