First SIMPL BIZ successfully completed


Today, Tehnopolis hosted the first Fair of Ideas for Small Family Local Businesses where more than 15 exhibitors presented their stories.

The fair was opened by Ratko Batakovic, Executive Director of IEC Tehnopolis, describing this event as one in a row in Tehnopolis, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and local economy development through the use of local resources.

“What is the essence and the most rejoicing for us today is that we have 15 exhibitors with their examples of good practice. In addition to the exhibitors, we also have banks of micro-finance institutions, while the Investment and Development Fund with its representatives today in direct communication to all interested parties will tell how they can apply and for which projects they can receive funds, or what are the ideas that are supported. There are also representatives of the Municipality and the entrepreneurship sector and our tenants that work in the field of marketing”, said Batakovic and expressed the belief that the result of this fair will be at least another new job, another new resource and even slightly increased standard of the local population.

After the introduction, the participants’ presentations followed. Their ideas were presented by: Dragica Mirjacic – Production of juices and liqueurs, Zorica Zecevic – Production of pie crust, Ratko Batakovic – Production of domestic eggs, Vanja Zoric Sundic – Production of cakes, Raso Miljanic – Organic cheese production, Djordje Bulajic – Organic vegetable production, Slavica Tadic – Making of carpets “Virjanka”, Javorka Batricevic – Production of juices, liqueurs and cheese, Vanja Tomanovic – Egziperi studio, Marija Popovic – Souvenir making, Dejan Zejak – Production of raspberries in plastic bottles and Vladimir Djakovic – Production of domestic soap and biscuits. Apart from local producers who presented their stories, guest from Belgrade, Marija Ognjenovic, whose company is engaged in the production of edible mushrooms, also participated.

Besides the numerous exhibitors, the fair was attended by representatives of the Investment and Development Fund, Hipotekarna bank and MFI Alter Modus, who presented their lines of credit support for the population and economy, as well as a number of other services and financial benefits.

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