First time in Montenegro: Pitching competition for two crowdfunding campaign


„Crowdstream pitching competition“ as a final event related to two ideas that will get the free crowdfunding campaign, took place in IEC Tehnopolis last night.

Darko Ivanović sa kandidatima

IEC Tehnopolis published the official invitation to apply for the campaign creation on March 11th. This invitation was published on the site, social media and in the media. There were lots of candidates that applied, but only three ideas met the requirements and were published on Tehnopolis Facebook page. The candidates presented their ideas to the jury members, media and the public at the final pitch. Marko Kovacevic, who presented the application called „The waiter’s assistant“ – the app people can use to order food and drinks in restaurants without a waite , Dzervin Hodovic, who presented „Cube24“ – the best wallet in the world and Dalibor Pekovic together with Milovan Kadovic and Ilija Nikcevic, presented the app called “Kuvar vaseg zdravlja“ (The cook for your health) – the app which you can use to pick the products you have back at home and it suggests the meal you can prepare using those products. After the presentations, the jury asked questions and gave suggestions for their pitching.

Marko Kovacevic

Dzervin Hodovic

Dalibor Pekovic

The jury members were: Sasa Ivanovic – the projest manager for the research in the Department of science, Aleksandar Djurickovic – the assistant of the manager of development and cooperation in the Capital market Board, Sanja Simonovic – the chief of M-tel digital company, Blazo Crvenica – one of the IvMax startup founders, Nedeljko Milosavljevic – The executive of the Center for the technology transfer in Belgrade University, Jelena Djedovic – the manager of the bussines incubator in IEC Tehnopolis and Darko Ivanovic – the chairman of the jury and the founder of The Badger startup. The people from the public gave the additional voice which was determined by the greatest number of Facebook likes.

The jury: Milosavljevic, Ivanovic, Simonovic, Djedovic, Crvenica, Ivanovic, Djurickovic, Alagic, Ivancevic

After the voting and discussion, Dzervin Hodovic won the firts place, Dalibor Pekovic won the second and Marko Kovacevic won the third place. The candidates who won the first and the second place won the free creation of the  complete crowdfunding campaign which they would use to raise the funds for their business ideas. Darko Ivanovic was chosen to be the expert for the campaign creation, as a person who has the experience in the creating and implementation of the crowdfunding campaign for his startup „The badger“.

Darko Ivanovic

„This is a historical day for the startup scene in Montenegro because this is the first time a competition like this one took place. Crowdfunding is a serious matter, and it is a way of validating which is the most popular between the startups. This way of validating gives the opportunity to have some potential buyers, investors and that is something people from Tehnopolis have recognized, as they usually recognize all of the advanced ideas. I would say many startups were applied and I hope there will be even more of them next year. I also hope this whole thing will become a tradition.“

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