FORS Montenegro: A workshop on professional consulting


FORS Montenegro organized a workshop on professional consulting in the Multimedia Hall of Tehnopolis in order to provide relevant information on job search and current demand in the labor market, developing practical skills in writing work biographies and motivational letters, developing self-confidence and providing advice and guidance about how to adequately present to potential employers. The workshop was led by Srdjan Vukcevic, a business coach and founder of Blue Coach.

Vukcevic is a representative of the renowned global business evaluation firm Hogan, which can predict if someone has a genuine leadership potential based on three types of tests.

“Hogan is the world’s largest company that deals with personality assessments in a very specific way. Hogan’s assessment is the relationship between personality and performance at work and is not a classical psychological profiling. In short, it is the relationship between psychology and business, that is, the performance of certain people at work according to their personality”, explains Vukcevic. As he adds, their previous clients were directors of Intesa Bank in Serbia, company Michelin, Buducnost handball club, as well as numerous other professional athletes and managers of renowned companies.

As an introduction to the workshop, Vukcevic asked the participants about what they want to achieve, in life or in work, explaining that by analyzing their needs we can easily come up with different strategies that will help us achieve these goals.

“The brakes are developing every time you want to achieve something perfect, but you’re not ready to try something new,” he warns.

According to Hogan’s science, the three things that all people seek at a deeper level are acceptance, status and structure, and are driven by the so-called “master” motives: love, success and knowledge.

“Never think that you are predestined for something and do not be afraid to do the things that have led you to success,” Vukcevic says.

Pointing to emotional and social intelligence as a successful translation of an individual’s identity into his reputation, he reminded that we are all constantly on some kind of market, and that people usually decide on us based on our reputation, that is, what is visible rather than on the basis our real identity.

“Reputation is the unique and most important factor in predicting the behavior and performance of a person. So, this is a set of some past behaviors characterized by people who work with you and the best predictor of future behavior”, he argues.

Nevertheless, he pointed out some of the features that can be both positive and negative in the business. As such, he stated obedience and boldness, however, in case of any exaggeration, such a person could become too servile or arrogant, narcissistic and, ultimately, very destructive to one company.

“The effectiveness of the leader is the only measure of success, that is, what kind of results achieves the company he leads.”

Vukcevic concluded with the message that the safest way to get what we want to is to deserve it, and we can accomplish that with a well-balanced mix of flexibility, courage and knowledge.

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