Fuckup Night Niksic Vol. 5: Leave your comfort zone


Participants in the fifth Fuckup Nights Niksic event last night had the opportunity to talk to two great ladies, women entrepreneurs. Ljubica Kostic Bukarica and Masa Elezovic shared stories about their business ventures and the numerous challenges they faced.

Ljubica graduated from the faculty in the 1990s in Serbia and for a long time, she did not manage to find a job in the profession, so she started volunteering early. She has preserved her love for volunteerism to this day. “Volunteering allows you to gain new knowledge and skills, new opportunities, and to work on yourself,” says Ljubica.

She got her first job in Montenegro, where she still lives and works. Wanting to become independent, in 2008, on the threshold of the world economic crisis, she started her marketing agency. Today, she is the owner and CEO of the marketing agency M.A.S. CODE, with over 23 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She won the Flower of Success award for regional cooperation, the Association of Business Women of Serbia. He has been a mentor educating marketing and public relations for over ten years. She has worked as an expert in marketing, communication, education, and mentoring on many EU projects.

Although she has worked with global brands operating in Montenegro, she is most proud of the socially important campaigns she has worked on. “The most difficult thing is to change people’s consciousness,” says Ljubica, but also points out that although these are sensitive topics that she dealt with, they were still her biggest challenge and brought her great satisfaction. Since 2009, she has been one of the founders and president of the Association of Business Women of Montenegro, which brings together business owners and managers. Ljubica believes that even today, women are not sufficiently represented in business, although the situation is better than the time when the Association started working.

Masa says that she has not yet experienced a serious professional failure and that so far she has managed to harmonize the numerous obligations she has and realize the best she can. She usually works in parallel for three or four jobs, and she is engaged in various projects – from working on the election campaign of a political party in Belgrade to creating a digital regional social feminist network. According to her, her interests are numerous, but her job takes up most of her time, which is why her private life suffers the most. This is where she sees her biggest problem because unfortunately, she has experienced on her skin what it looks like when you are exposed to too much stress and obligations. She also had burnout a few years ago, when she decided it was time for significant change. After a radical vacation, she decided to take on only jobs that were interesting and important to her, and she started psychotherapy, to be able to find balance in life. As she says with a laugh, she is happy with the progress she has made, but she is still trying not to give up and take on more of herself than she can achieve.

Our guests dedicate a large part of their activities to the fight for a better position for women in society. They point out that it is very important in business that we all have the same starting points, which is often not the case in practice. They believe that much deeper changes are needed to improve the position of women in business. “Certainly, there have been great changes in the last few years, women entrepreneurs are recognized today as a special category and there are support mechanisms – such as special financial lines, but that is not enough,” says Ljubica. Masa points out that she believes that the biggest problem today is that decision-makers do not properly map the real needs of those for whom they bring support measures, so the essence is often missing. Both are trying to fix the world around them – they are aware that if we all do a little, in the end, it may be enough to change people’s consciousness when it comes to human rights and the position of women.

The big challenge when starting a business is the perception of your endurance,” says Masha, explaining that you must “blindly” believe in yourself and that you must not be afraid of failure. “Assess yourself and your energy and see if you’re ready to start a business on your own or team up with someone, but don’t give up.”

Ljubica says that her job is inseparable from her personality and that she enjoys working for herself. For years, she has been trying to motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and use their full potential.

Through their experience, Masa and Ljubica say that entrepreneurship is beautiful and exciting, but that you must be aware that there will always be obstacles that can be overcome by those who are persistent and who follow their dreams.

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