Fuckup Nights Niksic Vol.2: Montenegrin actors honestly about failures


We have long been accustomed to events that promote success stories, brilliant careers, amazing business moves, and multi-million dollar contracts.

But how many times have you had the opportunity to hear successful people who honestly talk about their mistakes and moments when nothing went according to plan? When everything falls apart, do you have the strength to start over or give up and turn to something you are better at?

Petar Buric, Gordana Micunovic, and Petar Novakovic – are participants in the second Fuckup Nights Niksic event, where we break down prejudices related to failures! Our celebrated actors will talk about what is hidden behind theatrical scenes and in the background of great achievements on the big screen.

Join us on December 3 at 6 pm at the Code hub Niksic, Tehnopolis. Three speakers are waiting for you, three great stories that will motivate you, and three lessons learned after the failure!

We promise you great company, lots of laughter and fun, and, among other things, answers to questions – why did Petar Buric replace Hollywood with Zagreb? Why is Gordana, in addition to acting, paper, and pencil important since the age of 14, and what does childhood look like from the perspective of Petar Novakovic when you move a dozen times?

Let’s accept that failure is a normal thing and look at it as just another step on the way to the top!

Fuckup Nights is a global movement where people share stories of professional failure – at each event 3 or 4 speakers share their failure story using 10 images in 7 minutes.

The movement originated in Mexico in 2012 and is currently organized in more than 300 cities and over 90 countries and represents the fastest-growing movement for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives on the planet. The goal of this event is to break down prejudices related to business failures and to present them as an integral part of the entrepreneurial path, and at the same time to motivate the participants not to give up the realization of their ideas.

The movement has been featured in hundreds of media outlets such as Forbes, the New Yorker, the Huffington Post, and the BBC. Fuckup Nights works with partners such as Unilever, Roche, Airbus, and hundreds of others to strengthen a culture of resilience and innovation.

IEC Tehnopolis is organizing the event within the 2CODE project, which is co-financed by the ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.

Applications for participation in the event should be sent to [email protected] by December 3 at noon.

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