Info day – Support programs of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism


Yesterday, in the premises of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis, an Info day on the support programs of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism for 2022 was held. The event was organized as part of the project  “Innovative sustainable technologies for crafts economy improvement – CRAFTINNO”, which IEC Tehnopolis implements in partnership with the Municipality of Niksic, with the support of the Kingdom of Norway through the project “Norway for you – Montenegro”.

At the beginning of the event, Mrs. Miljana Pekovic, project manager at IEC Tehnopolis, welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of supporting the project “Norway for you – Montenegro” in the introduction of innovations in the production process of small businesses in Montenegro. On behalf of the partners in the project, Ms. Biljana Vucurovic, the chief administrator of the Municipality of Niksic, reminded of the support programs that the local self-government implements and plans to implement in favor of the development of entrepreneurship in Niksic and Montenegro.

Mrs. Maja Jokanovic, head of the Directorate for Industrial Policy and Craft Development, presented the Program for the Development and Promotion of Crafts for 2022, which is aimed to encouraging the development of Montenegrin crafts by providing financial support for the procurement and tools for performing craft activities, as well as for promotional activities of organization and participation in domestic and international fairs and events and creation of promotional material. She pointed out the benefits that craftsmen can get by applying for the support program worth 200,000 euros, as well as the simple application process and expressed her willingness to provide support in that process.

The Head of the Directorate for Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Cooperation with the Business Community, Mrs. Andjela Gajevic, presented to the users the Program for Improving the Competitiveness of the Economy for 2022, through which eight support programs for the Montenegrin economy are implemented, with a total value of 4,000,000 euros. She appealed to all interested entrepreneurs to apply for support as soon as possible, because the deadline for applications is September 30, 2022. She emphasized that it is in everyone’s interest to use the available funds as best as possible.

Thanks to this type of activity, which connects business support institutions and small business, we contribute to improving the sustainability of micro, small and medium enterprises on the market. In this way, we provide support to the users of the project in seeking additional sources of financing for the introduction of innovations in the production process and, accordingly, the development of their business.

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