Info day – Support programs of the Municipality of Niksic


Today, in the premises of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis, an Info Day was held on the support programs that the Municipality of Niksic is implementing in favor of the development of entrepreneurship in Niksic. The event was organized within the project “Innovative sustainable technologies for crafts economy improvement – CRAFTINNO” which IEC Tehnopolis implements in partnership with the Municipality of Niksic, with the support of the Kingdom of Norway through the project “Norway for you – Montenegro”.

“The Kingdom of Norway through the project “Norway for you – Montenegro” contributes to the development and growth of small business in Montenegro, by improving competitiveness through their transformation with the support of ecosystems of stakeholders. In the second phase, the project continues to support the development of small businesses in Niksic, especially the introduction of innovations”, said the manager of the project “Norway for you – Montenegro” Armen Cekic, who addressed the audience at the beginning of the Info Day.

The Chief Administrator of the Municipality of Niksic, Biljana Vucurovic, addressed the audience as the President of the local Commission for the distribution of funds for support to women’s entrepreneurship. “It is a great pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of the Municipality of Niksic for the opportunity to offer our citizens the opportunity for new creativity, and to jointly encourage the development of entrepreneurial spirit in our city”, said Vucurovic. After presenting the public competition call for support to women’s entrepreneurship, whose implementation is in the progress, on this occasion she announced the program for the development of entrepreneurship, which is being created by the responsible secretariat in the Municipality of Niksic.


Biljana Pinjatic from the Municipality of Niksic presented the project “Together from knowledge to work”, through  which they awarded grants to employers from the Municipality of Niksic for on-the-job training and employment of persons from the records of the Employment Agency of Montenegro.

This Info Day is the first of three that will be organized in order to introduce the beneficiaries of the CRAFTINNO project with the possibilities for financing the development of small businesses in Montenegro. Thanks to their participation in the project, they will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to improve production, through theoretical and practical training: three trainings in the field of 3D modeling and printing and four trainings in the field of programming and control operation of CNC machines. Upon the completion of the training, they will receive the support of project partners for 12 months in order to continue to improve the acquired knowledge and it’s application in the production process. Also, during the Crafts Fair that we will be organized in November this year, small businesses participating in the project will have the opportunity to present innovated products and products obtained by innovated production processes.

The CRAFTINNO project aims to increase the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises in the field of crafts in Montenegro through education and support in introducing innovations in the production process in 10 small businesses from Niksic, Podgorica and Ulcinj, as well as informing them about the potential sources of funding for the development of entrepreneurship. Through this project, IEC Tehnopolis and the Municipality of Nikšić are also working on improving the services they provide to support small business  and the development of innovative ecosystems in Niksic and Montenegro.

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