Innovation Minds winner of the Startup camp for young people


Today’s Demo Day ended the seven-day Startup camp for young people, which was an opportunity for 5 teams of high school students from Niksic and Pljevlja to present their innovative ideas that they developed during the camp.

According to the opinion of the expert jury, the best idea was presented by the Innovation Minds team, which consisted of students from the Junior High School “Stojan Cerović” from Niksic. They worked on the creation of Monte Ride, a transport application that allows tracking of public transport in real time. “We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Startup Camp because this experience will be very useful in the further development of the idea,” says Ksenija Mijuskovic, one of the team members. As he points out, he owes special thanks to Tehnopolis and the mentors who worked with them for the previous seven days.

Innovations as a solution to recognized problems


During the camp, the teams developed their ideas and innovative solutions with the support of renowned experts/trainers through interactive lectures, presentations, workshops and individual work with mentors.

The remaining teams also showed that the jury had a difficult task. The students of the First Secondary Vocational School from Niksic, gathered in the Mašinac team, offered SLT a software solution that converts speech into sign language and sign language into speech in order to facilitate the easier integration of these people into society.

The Event Ease web platform, which includes everything needed to organize various events, was presented by the students of the School of Economics and Hospitality from Niksic and their team of Event Masters.

Smart Start Group is a team of students from JU Secondary Vocational School from Pljevlja with the idea of modernizing the village by encouraging the use of smart technologies – smart home systems and the use of renewable energy sources.

The students of JU Secondary Vocational School from Niksic, gathered in the Techbyte team, developed an idea related to the formation of a marketing agency that offers the possibility of cooperation through just one click, without waiting and making appointments, thus saving time and money.

The winning Innovation Minds team received a prize in the amount of 500 euros, and wanting to reward the effort and commitment of all participants during the intensive multi-day work, IEC Tehnopolis decided at the end of the camp to symbolically reward all the remaining teams.

We see the special value of this camp in the fact that we awakened the entrepreneurial spirit in these young people and made them think about how innovation can solve the set problems, and we are sure that they recognized Tehnopolis as a partner that will help them realize their entrepreneurial ideas.

We have organizined the Startup Camp for young people as part of the Business enabling environment for youth employment – BEYOND project, which IEC Tehnopolis is implementing in partnership with the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the financial instrument of pre-accession assistance (IPA II) through the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Serbia – Montenegro 2014-2020.

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