Kovacevic: The support of the Municipality of Niksic for IEC Tehnopolis will not lack


The President of the Municipality of Niksic, Marko Kovacevic, and the Head of the President’s Office, Marko Perucica, visited IEC Tehnopolis. During the visit, they got acquainted with the space capacities and equipment that Tehnopolis has, as well as with numerous services we provide to entrepreneurs, agricultural producers, and citizens.

Acting Executive Director of IEC Tehnopolis, Djordjije Malovic, pointed out that Tehnopolis has modern equipment, and that they will soon get the new one that will make work easier and enable work to perform more efficiently. Malovic especially pointed out the need to expand spatial capacities.

President Kovacevic pointed out that he was very satisfied with the equipment of IPC Tehnopolis, the staff working in it, as well as the overall work and contribution that IEC Tehnopolis provides to its users. “The support of the Municipality for IEC Tehnopolis in the coming period will not be lacking, and I am especially pleased with the numerous projects that will be jointly implemented for the benefit of the citizens of Niksic,” he concluded.

On behalf of IEC Tehnopolis, the meeting was attended by Director Malovic: Assistant Director, Vanja Zoric Sundic, Coordinator of the Center for Program Activities, Research and Development, Djordjije Brkuljan, and Associate Manager of the Business Incubator, Zeljko Lucic.

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