A Memorandum of Cooperation between IEC Tehnopolis and the University of Montenegro was signed


The Memorandum of Cooperation between the University of Montenegro and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis was signed today by the Rector of University, professor Vladimir Bozovic, and acting Executive Director of IEC Tehnopolis, Djordjije Malovic.

Rector Bozovic said that responsible and long-term partnerships, such as cooperation with Tehnopolis, the most important center for the development of startup companies and entrepreneurship in Montenegro, strengthen the role of universities in society.

Cooperation will be based on the application of scientific, technical, and technological knowledge in the development of new and improvement of existing products. We will give special priority to joint projects, in areas of common interest, and their implementation through applying for national and international funds from which they would be financed. However, in this cooperation, the most important thing is to confirm the mission of the University, which is reflected in the dissemination of knowledge and capacity building of both students and researchers and professors“, said rector Bozovic.

Acting Executive Director of IEC Tehnopolis, Djordjije Malovic said that the signing of this Memorandum opens a wide and fruitful field of cooperation that will enable academic staff, but also students of the University of Montenegro to use all available resources of IEC Tehnopolis, both for scientific research and through student internship.

Consultative participation of IEC Tehnopolis representatives in the development of curricula, along with the organization of lectures by experts and internships for students, is an additional value of strengthening the scientific and academic community of Montenegro. I am sure that IEC Tehnopolis will be strong support and partner for the further development of University of Montenegro“, Malovic added.

Tehnopolis, as a center for the development of startup companies and entrepreneurship, provides a range of infrastructure and support measures that enable the opening of new companies and the development of business based on new, innovative ideas and technologies.

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