Regional mentoring platform created within the 2CODE project presented


The Regional Mentoring Platform – a network of mentors from the Western Balkans region, was presented on December 9 in Tehnopolis.

Montenegrin startups that participated in the BootCamp last week got the opportunity to learn all the details about the mentoring platform, which gives them a unique opportunity – to receive completely free mentoring advice from various fields.

The platform is intended for individuals and startups who have a business idea, and they need advice on how to develop and improve it.

By contacting the available mentors, the users of the platform have the opportunity to get the support they need in a very simple way.

In addition to the representatives of Tehnopolis – Marijana Jovovic, who presented in detail the platform and method of registration, and Djordjije Brkuljan, who introduced startups to the three infrastructure segments of Tehnopolis that will be available, the presentation was attended by partners from Bit Center Tuzla and Inter Technology Park.

The event was also attended by regional mentors Grabrijela Andrejas, Hasib Alic, and Mirko Curkovic, who shared their experiences of working on the platform.

For all of you who need mentoring support, quickly click on and read all the details.

The regional mentoring platform was created within the 2CODE project, which is co-financed by the ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.

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