The representatives of the Department of Science presented the Try-out for grants award for the innovative projects to the interested people


An info day regarding the presentation of the Try-out for grant award for the innovative projects has been realized in Tehnopolis today. The representatives of the Department of Science introduced the public with some relevant information such as how to apply, the application right and available resources of the Try-out.

Marijeta Barjaktarovic Lanzardi, the chief of the Directorate for Innovation and infrastructure, Ivan Tomovic, the independent advisor for technology transfer and the realization of the cooperation within EU innovation platforms and Marina Roganovic, the independent advisor for support to the realization of the innovative programs and projects, and leading registers of subjects who perform an innovative activity spoke as the representatives of the Department of Science.

As they said, the aims of this program are the strengthening of the competitiveness of the Montenegrin companies through the co-financing of the innovative and market-oriented products development, services and technologies, which have a great potential for the commercialization and market application; the support to the transfer of the innovative ideas from the scientific institutions to the market, through the cooperation with the economy partners or through the opening of some new companies in Montenegro as well as the strengthening of the human resources and opening new job positions. They paid attention to some special goals, thematic priorities as well as areas financed by this program: technological innovations, TRL- levels of the technological readiness and the co-financing of the phases of technology development TRL 4 – TRL 8.
At the end of the event, all the information about the application terms, the content of the application, as well as the two phases of the application evaluation and the way of the Try-out realization were presented. The turn-out of the people who were interested in the info day was great. The tenants of the business incubator in IEC Tehnopolis were also present and everyone got the chance to ask questions and get answers to any possible doubt.

In case you are interested in the Try-out, follow the link.

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