A significant step has been made in the cooperation of IEC Tehnopolis with the University of Montenegro


The Acting Executive Director of IEC Tehnopolis, Djordjije Malovic, and his associates had the pleasure to host the Rector of the University of Montenegro, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bozovic, vice-rectors, deans of faculties and associates.

The following had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of Tehnopolis, infrastructure capacities and activities:

  • President of the Management Board of the Rectorate, prof. Dr. Rajka Glusica,
  • Vice-Rector for Science and Research, prof. Dr. Irena Orovic,
  • Vice-Rector for Teaching, prof. Dr. Veselin Micanovic,
  • Vice-Rector for Internationalization, prof. Dr. Sanja Pekovic,
  • Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, prof. Dr. Enis Kocan,
  • Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, prof. Dr. Veselinka Grudic,
  • Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, prof. Dr. Igor Vusanovic,
  • Dean of the Biotechnical Faculty, prof. Dr. Bozidarka Markovic,
  • Dean of the Faculty of Science, prof. Dr. Predrag Miranovic and
  • Teaching associate at the Faculty of Science, Stevan Djurdjevic.

At the very beginning of the visit, they visited and got acquainted with the work of the Biotechnology Laboratory – BioLab Tehnopolis, the Laboratory for Industrial Design – TechLab Tehnopolis, the Data Center, but also the rest of the IEC Tehnopolis.

After the visit, an official meeting was organized, at which the possibilities of further cooperation with academic institutions in Montenegro were highlighted.

Cooperation with the academic community is a particularly important segment in the overall work and development of services and support activities of IEC Tehnopolis, so this visit is extremely important for expanding the partner network and launching new initiatives.

The Rector of the University of Montenegro, Mr. Bozovic, stated that he was impressed by Tehnopolis’ capacities and results so far, but also hoped that cooperation would be further intensified in the coming period through joint projects, bearing in mind the importance and capacities of IEC Technopolis for academic community development.

Acting Executive Director, Mr. Malovic confirmed the importance of the initiative and such cooperation and pointed out that shortly there will certainly be more new joint activities, both with the University and with the faculties individually.

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