Spirit of Italy in Tehnopolis: Days of Italian film and art


Days of Italian film and art in the 19th edition of World week of the Italian language  began tonight in Tehnopolis. The event was opened by the Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Montenegro, Damiano Rampini, Executive Director of Tehnopolis Ratko Batakovic and Sonja Nikcevic, Vice President of Niksic Municipality, with an exhibition titled “Dove il sì suona. Travel through the Italian language “.

According to Mr. Rampini, this exhibition represents an overview of the history of the Italian language, which in an educational and transparent way shows the emergence of the Italian language from Latin, and its further development up to the present day.

Another exhibition entitled “Fermi Heritage” was opened tonight, dedicated to the great contribution of Italian science – and in particular to the Fermi Group from Panisperni Street – in the field of atomic and quantum physics.

The exhibitions will be open to visitors by Friday, October 26th.

In honor of the successful cooperation that the Embassy of Italy has launched with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis, the manifestations in the Italian symbol will be completed by playing Italian films that will be shown in the coworking area of ​​Tehnopolis: “Noi e la Giulia” on Tuesday, October 23, Ammore is malavita “24.10. and “Veloce come il vento” 25.10. Films are subtitled in Montenegrin.

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