Study visit to Serbia: In the coming period, more intensive cooperation with similar institutions


The representatives of IEC Tehnopolis visited institutions and organizations of the same or similar activities in the Republic of Serbia last week. The aim of the study visit was to change best practices and open opportunities for the implementation of joint initiatives and projects funded by international funds, which will help develop innovative entrepreneurship and improve the competitiveness of the economy of our region.

Through applying the experiences of similar institutions to better results

On the first day of the visit, professors Toma Milosevic and Ivan Glisic of Faculty of Agriculture in Cacak and associates welcomed the representatives of IEC Tehnopolis and organized a tour of the infrastructure capacity of the faculty. This was an opportunity for the manager of our BioLab, Milijana Aleksic, to compare different laboratory methods used in their laboratories and the BioLab IEC Tehnopolis, and to consider the possibility of purchasing new equipment that would be used for further analysis, as well as to get acquainted with opportunities provided to agricultural producers in Serbia who, together with this institution, apply for various so-called “innovation vouchers”.

The possibilities of implementing joint activities and realization of joint projects were discussed with the director of the Science Technology Park Cacak, Mr. Mirko Pesic and his associates. In addition, a part of the IEC Tehnopolis team had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of companies operating within the production space of STP Cacak.

In the second part of the day, our representatives visited IDA – Ibar Development Association in Kraljevo. They had talks with Mr. Dragan Roganovic about intensifying the cooperation, and connecting relevant institutions from the area of ​​the two municipalities on cross-border projects financed from EU funds.

Exchange of knowledge, cooperation and new initiatives with institutions in Kraljevo

In front of the Veterinary Specialist Institute in Kraljevo, at the beginning of the second day of the study visit, the representatives of IEC Tehnopolis were welcomed by the director Miso Kolarevic, associates Kazimir Matovic and Vesna Kaljevic and organized a tour of their infrastructure segments. The achieved cooperation with the Institute is of exceptional importance, especially in the part of recommendations for the procurement of devices that will be equipped in the coming period by our Biotechnology Laboratory – BioLab Tehnopolis.

On the same day, a visit to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo was realized. The reception and tour of the faculty was organized by professor Mile Savkovic, dr. Goran Markovic and dr. Aleksandar Petrovic. Intensified cooperation in several directions has been agreed, from the exchange of experiences and organization of trainings in the field of work of two laboratories – 3D Impulse and Laboratory for Industrial Design – TechLab Tehnopolis, support for postgraduates, to joint application and launch of EU funds.

Implementation of best practices from the region in order to strengthen the Montenegrin innovative ecosystem

On the third day, the representatives of IEC Tehnopolis visited the Science Technology Park in Nis, where they attended the promotion of the StarTech program, which supports innovation and digital transformation of the Serbian economy, and learned more about the innovation ecosystem and opportunities to apply their experiences in Montenegro. The reception was organized by dr. Milan Randjelovic and associates who introduced them to the residents of the Science Technology Park and their areas of activity.

In the continuation of the day, they visited DELI – space for creative action, exchanging experiences with DELI space management Nenad Stojanovic, Milan Babic and associates on strengthening coworking community, hackathon organization and other activities.

On the same day, the director of the Regional Development Agency South, Dragana Stojanovic and her associates organized a reception of representatives of IEC Tehnopolis, after the possibilities of cooperation were discussed and the best practices in the work between the two institutions were changed.

Cooperation with institutions in Belgrade in the fields of education and joint projects

On Thursday, March 24, a visit to the Science Technology Park in Belgrade was realized. There were discussions with an assistant director, Radisa Vicevic and associates, about cooperation on regional and international projects and other types of cooperation in related activities with the aim of developing an innovative economy.

On the same day, the representatives of Tehnopolis visited the Land Institute – Belgrade. The reception was organized by the Acting Director, Biljana Sikeric and her associates, who presented the organization of the Institute and the activities they have implemented so far. Given that IEC Tehnopolis plans to procure equipment in the coming period and provide, among other things, soil analysis services to support innovative farmers, the readiness of this renowned Institute to help train employees in BioLab Tehnopolis is of particular importance.

At the end of the day, a visit to the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia was organized. There were discussions with Mirjana Janjic and Ana Mojsilovic of the modalities of solving the problem of pre-financing and co-financing international projects and compared experiences of treating “deminimis state aid” within two state systems for both institutions.

New opportunities for cooperation with institutions throughout Serbia

The last day of the study visit began with a tour of the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, with which IEC Tehnopolis is building cooperation primarily through the work of its Laboratory for Industrial Design – TechLab. The tour was organized by Dr. Vladimir Popovic, Dr. Dragoslav Stojiljkovic and Dr. Milos Milosevic.

In the continuation of the day, a visit to the Regional Development Agency – Zlatibor was organized. On that occasion, the representatives of Tehnopolis had a meeting with the director of the agency, Slaven Lukic, and associates with whom were exchanged experiences in work and the possibilities of cooperation and partnership on future projects.

The study trip ended with a visit to the Innovation Business Center – Zlatibor, where was initiated a dialogue with director Darko Djurovic and associate Stojan Vukovic on cooperation in the areas of innovative entrepreneurship development and improving the competitiveness of the economy in the region.

This five-day visit confirmed the importance of continuous communication and exchange of knowledge and experiences in various fields of activity that Tehnopolis has and we are looking forward to numerous new projects, activities and cooperation with the visited institutions.

On behalf of IEC Tehnopolis, the institutions were visited by the Acting Executive Director, Djordjije Malovic, Coordinator of the Center for Program Activities, Research and Development, Djordjije Brkuljan, Manager of the Biotechnology Laboratory, Milijana Aleksic and Associate of a business incubator manager, Zeljko Lucic.

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