Tenants of Tehnopolis recorded the first 360 movie






Tehnopolis’ tenants Darko Zugic and Dalibor Pekovic (360˚ View Montenegro) recorded the first 360 ° film in Montenegro. This is the documentary video of the Polim Museum from Berane, recorded in four segments.

It is an innovative recording 360 production technology, which represents a completely new approach in Montenegrin production.

This video content allows users to angle up to 360 degrees to view video content, which means that videos can be viewed from any direction or perspective, instead of just one, according to which camera is set up.


The four segments are: the Museum History, the Archaeological Collection, the Historical Collection and the Ethnographic Collection of Berane Polim Museum, whose area has a rich and interesting history that is linked to the Mesolithic Age.

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