Embrace the Future of Remote Work and Digital Nomadism at Cross Border Coworking Conference 2024: Digital Nomads Edition



CBCC returns for the fourth time – introducing Cross Border Coworking Conference 2024: Digital Nomads Edition, taking place in the vibrant city of Mostar from Wednesday, October 9th to Friday, October 11th.

This year’s conference, organized by INTERA Technology Park (Mostar, BiH) and the Innovation Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis (Nikšić, Montenegro), with co-organization by DELI – prostor za kreativno djelovanje (Niš, Serbia), builds on the success of previous editions to explore the world of remote work and digital nomadism.

Crafted to ensure everyone finds a topic of interest, this year’s agenda offers diverse content:

Unlocking the potential of our region:

Kicking off with insightful introductory speeches, our agenda dives deep into the unique value of our region. Learn from seasoned digital nomads and local experts as they unveil the hidden gems and untapped opportunities that make the Balkans desirable destination for remote workers worldwide.

Empowering service providers:

Participate in engaging workshops designed to equip tourism operators with the tools and strategies needed to effectively promote their services to digital nomads. Discover how to tailor offerings, leverage digital marketing, and connect with this growing demographic group.

Guiding to thrive as a digital nomad:

Join us as we address the challenges brought by the dynamic lifestyle of a digital nomad, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for success. From remote work dynamics to community engagement, our sessions are tailored to empower and enrich the digital nomad experience.

Navigating legal frameworks:

Navigate the legal and administrative landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro with expert guidance. From securing residency and work permits to exploring investment opportunities and understanding employment laws, gain practical insights to facilitate your journey as a digital nomad or entrepreneur in our region.

A Holistic Experience:

Beyond the conference sessions, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Mostar and neighboring Herzegovinian locales through guided tours and social gatherings. Explore the charm of our region and forge meaningful connections with fellow attendees.

Save the dates and stay tuned for updates on registrations to secure your spot and be part of the unforgettable experience CBCC 2024: Digital Nomads Edition will bring.

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